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Book ART Contest


Do you want your art work featured in my book 'Knocking on Doors'? Do you want your credited art to be promoted and seen by thousands of people? Do you want to get your art in front of 3 well known main stream cartoon, Disney and comic book artists?

This art contest is about as simple as it gets. We are allowing any original submissions which includes anything that can be photographed.

Examples are 3D Art, Digital Art, Paper Mache, Acrylics, Sculpting, Oils, Charcoal, Photography, Pastels, Sandcastles, Trash Piles, Macaroni Art and MORE.

Now is YOUR time to let your creative juices flow because we will accept literally any original art that you can scan in or take a picture to be submitted! You can even submit as many entries as you would like.

We will choose at LEAST ONE winner to have their credited work featured in my book. 

The winner will also receive an ORIGINAL ART PIECE from Charles, Philo, and Doug!


The contest entries will be judged by the esteemed:

Charles D Moisant - Silver Phoenix Artists

Philo Barnhart - Little Mermaid Ariel Artist

Doug Rice - Pinky and the Brain Artist

Harley Dree - Author, Editor, Photographer

Tommy Wetjen - Entrepreneur & Geek

Enter your submissions by May 30th 2021 no later than 11:59PM (central time).

Upload ARTWORK Here

Thanks for submitting!

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